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I’m not entirely sure I understand why I’m writing a response to anything Miley related.  I told myself that I wasn’t even going to entertain it with a second thought.  It’s kind of like seeing a drunk girl passed out on the street with a puke-stained dress and smeared mascara after a long night of partying with vapid “friends” who only pretend to care about her because her daddy’s got a big fat bank account, and you just can’t help but wonder what went wrong and maybe feel a little bit sorry for her.  Funny enough, I see that last sentence as being a possible foreshadowing of Miley in a few more years, if she hasn’t twerked herself to death by then.

Anyways, the underlying reason I’m writing this is not to participate in slut shaming for what Miley has done.  Believe me, her performance clearly did that well enough to ruin any chance of her ever being taken seriously ever again.  I’m writing this post essentially to audience shame.  That’s right, we’re really doing this.

Because of you (read: droolies, sheep, zombies, etc), she has become a “legitimate” topic of discussion in the media.  And guess what?  That makes her, and by that I mean her marketing team, smarter than you.  She got you talking, didn’t she?  I saw my Facebook feed explode for almost a week after her performance with varying opinions ranging from how big of a slut she was, to Chris Crocker style rants of “LEAVE MILEY ALONE!”.  It was obnoxious.  It was annoying.  It was… the best marketing scheme I’ve ever seen.  In the age of viral marketing, she freakin’ nailed it.  And this is where it comes full circle:  it’s because of all of you.  If we would’ve just accepted that Miley is just another easily replaceable pop star in the vast sea of “performers” with a marginal amount of “talent” who did something just to get your attention, we wouldn’t have even batted an eye at this issue.  But, unfortunately, due to our almost neurotic obsession with following people who are more famous for creating controversy than creating anything worth actually sharing with the world, we can never make that a reality.  Thanks to stupid magazines that we see at the grocery store check-out line that pass as legitimate “journalism”, we now know more about celebrities than we will ever need to.  Are our lives really so devoid of meaning that we have to find solace in following the activities of every celebrity who couldn’t care less that we even exist?  Apparently that is the case, considering everyone with access to the Internet has suddenly become an expert on how everybody in the entertainment industry needs to live their daily lives.  Let’s focus on our own existence for a change, and maybe the celebrities that we fawn over so often will stop doing stupid things to grab our attention.

We as consumers of anything shiny and packaged to look attractive will unfortunately never change this habit of the human condition, unless we start doing one of two things:

1.  Stop idolizing celebrities.  This is just gonna set you up for disappointment.  Example: Corey Monteith.  If you looked up to him, then I apologize for your parents not slapping you hard enough as a kid to have the common sense to know not to look up to junkie pieces of garbage.  Don’t even entertain their exploits with an insult.  Just let them drift into obscurity, as many celebrities eventually do.

2.  Stop paying attention to the news.  The news is meant to give us important information about the world we live in.  If your news station of choice feels the need to fill their air time with stories of every “famous-for-being-famous” celebrity acting like an idiot, change the channel.  Or better yet, find a news stations that doesn’t imitate TMZ.

There you have it.  If you devoted even 3 seconds of your time to saying anything about Miley Cyrus in the past week, you are guilty of subconsciously not thinking for yourself.  Hell, even I’m guilty of it.  I wrote a whole blog about it, didn’t I?  But with a little help from the American populace we can stop the ever growing of trend of actually caring what celebrities do with their ultimately empty lives.

  1. RamisaR said:

    This is perfect! 😀
    I couldn’t have (and actually haven’t) worded it better myself! xD

    • Thanks so much! I’ve gotten such a good response so far, and I’ve never even blogged before. Y’all are really making me feel at home! Vlogs will be coming soon as well! So stay tuned! 🙂

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